Information for counterfeit product


About the Royal Large product's little bag.

Royal Large product's little bag inside has three types.

Royal Large product's back side of description has two types.

*Depending on the display, there are little bit of difference.

About the Royal Large official products.

The barcode (JAN code) will be printed at the back of Royal Large.

As you can see, the photo at the bottom, the barcodes have two types that are used in rotation. So please feel free to use them when necessary.

Also, there are three types of writing formats for rotation number in our official products.

The difference between counterfeit products and official products:
【Please pay attention to malicious counterfeit goods】

There are many counterfeit goods on the market for sale.

The quality standards of the actual products are very different from the counterfeit ones. By analyzing the counterfeit goods, we discovered that it contains chemical that are not approved, and that only contain a little amount of placenta.

We do not guaranteed that counterfeit products are manufactured correctly with the right ingredients, and also we do not guaranteed that these factories that do create thesecounterfeit products, are certified to produce cosmetic products. It is not safe to use them as a part of your skin care routine.Skin trouble/allergic reaction may occur.

We do NOT take any responsibilities for any skin troubles for those who used counterfeit products.

This is the example of a counterfeit package below.



It is very confusing to distinguish whether it is genuine or fake. However, there are different if you take a closer look.

(R) Silver color is visible from the cut part. →(F) Silver color is NOT visible from the cut part.

This is also very difficult to distinguish whether it is genuine or fake. However there are some Japanese spelling mistakes on the back of counterfeit goods.

(R)プラセンタ → (F)プラヤンタ

(R)ナチュラル → (F)ナチユラル

(R)サイタイ → (F)サイライ


Products weighing less than 220g are fakes.

Trader's will sometimes buy outer case by buying our products, then they will take out the real ones from inside and put the fake ones (little bag) back in the box.

In addition to the counterfeit items above, similar products with the same product name are on the market, so please be careful.Please note that our company can not accept responsibility when purchasing non-genuine products.

Genuine products have a glossy hologram sticker attached.
Packages are not affixed with a seal, or on which another seal is affixed, there is a possibility of counterfeit goods, so please be careful not to buy it.

During E-commerce or business transaction, sometimes a trader will use our product description and fabricate it, to advertise as their own.

This is to be considered a violation of the law and is punishable by the criminal system.If we discover any trader that is forged, altered, destroyed, or concealed; those responsible will be punished.

We will be providing the example of counterfeits, so please be careful.

Furthermore, official dealers must be cautious at all times, to try and prevent any violation acts.

①Miss spelling our company name. ex, REAL NEXT (REaL NEXT)

②We only accept orders by dozen; there is no such thing as 800.

③At the bottom of product's description, it is printed "intentionally left blank."

We've never issued our company's certificate.
We use a calligraphy pen to record our official name in semi cursive style of Japanese for our distributor.

We appreciate your continued support and patronage.

About correspondence to Internet sales

Some companies alerted us that our products have been selling just before the expiration date through the internet. Please be aware that we do NOT take any responsibilities.

Recently we discovered that our items are sold online for cheaper. Our manufacturer set the price as low as possible according to our producing costs.

①We do NOT sell our products online other than our official website.

②We do NOT recommend purchasing internet sales products.

③We do NOT take any responsibilities for internet sales products.

④Vendors who have not signed a contract with us are prohibited to sell.

When you find such stores/products, please do NOT purchase, and don't hesitate to contact us. Please let us know. We appreciate your continuous support.

Real Next Corporation.
Phone: +81-(11)-222-7333

*The back of the ingredients description has been changed
We changed the back of the ingredients description for Royal Large. Please use them when necessary.

1)The component Indication

We changed ingredient notation in more detail.

(Rose Oil→Damask rose flower oil)

2)The description of the company's name

We have used Natural Bio Laboratories as a manufacturer and seller(製造販売元:ナチュラルバイオ研究所株式会社) before.
From now on, our new company's name is listed as a Real Next Corporation(発売元:株式会社リアルネクスト).