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The History of REAL NEXT Co.,Ltd.

REAL NEXT Co.,Ltd is a company that supports everyone's beauty and health based on the placenta.

  1. 2008 March
    Established GREFAS INC.

    Developed Placenta Health food · Placenta beauty serum · Order made cosmetics etc. and joint development with Doctor Dan.

    We will jointly develop with Doctor Dan who is active as a researcher of immunity and placenta and start commercialization.
    Currently, Doctor Dan is focusing on further research as Chairman of the International Anti-Aging Medical Society ・ International Hair Anti - Aging Medical Society president.

  2. 2011 April
    Established Beauty Business Division

    Established as a new department within GREFAS INC. Sales to beauty dealer salon nationwide.

  3. 2011 October
    Established Natural Bio Institute

    Manufacturing each product based on placenta.

  4. 2011 December
    Released Hair lotion "Zero One"

    Healthy and youthful hair with placenta.

  5. 2012 October
    Released of beauty serum "Royal", supplement "Excel"

    Beautifully from the outside and inside with placenta.

  6. 2013 March
    Released Massage lotion "Idea"

    Heal your body with placenta.

  7. 2014 March
    Sold Hair item with placenta

    Shampoo · Treatment · Color Mask

  8. 2014 April

    Beauty equipment for placenta treatment.

  9. 2015 May
    Placenta supplement for pets

    Released "Plus One".

  10. 2016 August
    Established Real Next Corporation

    GREFAS INC. Beauty Business Division independently becomes a new company.

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Hokkaido, JAPAN
Chouo-ku, Sappro-City,
17-5, Minami 2-jo Nishi6

Email +81-(11)-222-7333

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Real Next Corporation.
17-5, Minami 2-jo Nishi6 Chouo-ku, Sappro-City, Hokkaido, JAPAN
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